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item Mandatory Enrollment of Nursing Home residents into Managed Care & MLTC - scheduled to begin Feb. 1, 2015
Nursing Home Resident Transition to Managed Care February 1, 2015 marks the start date for the new requirement for nursing home residents who became "permanent" residents after that date to enroll in managed care or MLTC plans. CMS approved this expansion of MLTC and mainstream Medicaid managed...
27 Jan, 2015
item Consumer Advocates Call for Further Protections in Medicaid Managed Long Term Care
Consumer advocates have submitted several comments to the New York State Department of Health and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) that would protect the rights consumers as Managed Long Term Care is implemented. September 2014 - NYLAG, Empire Justice Center and other...
01 Sep, 2014
item Providers Must be Enrolled in NYS Medicaid Program to ORDER/PRESCRIBE/REFER/ATTEND Medicaid Services
Physicians and other healthcare providers are required to enroll with the NY State Medicaid program before Medicaid will pay for services that the providers prescribe, order, or refer. The rule applies to ordering, prescribing, referring and attending physicians and healthcare providers (“OPRA...
03 Jul, 2014
item NYS Budget Victories - "Spousal" and "Parental" Refusal Remain Intact, "Aid Continuing" Rights in Managed Care & MLTC, SCRIE Increase
The details of the 2014-15 NYS Budget is just being voted on today posted at A9205/6914 details are just being digested, but Medicaid recipients can celebrate at least two hard-won victories!! We owe a huge thank you to Assembly Health Committee Chair Richard Gottfried and the staff of the Assembly...
31 Mar, 2014
item State Announces new Procedures for Spousal Impoverishment Protections in MLTC & Other Waiver Programs
New York State has gradually expanded use of spousal impoverishment protections in various home care programs. Once available only in the Lombardi Long Term Home Health Care program, these protections have expanded to all Managed Long Term Care (MLTC) services, and other Home and Community Based...
28 Mar, 2014
item New contact list posted for Main NYC Medicaid Offices that moved to Brooklyn in May 2013
As of Monday, May 6, 2013 the NYC Medicaid Office (known as MICSA) moved from 330 W. 34th Street in Manhattan to 785 Atlantic Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11238. All MICSA-Medicaid operations, including TBI and NHTD waiver programs, have been relocated to this address. The Reception Unit which handled...
10 Mar, 2014
item HRA Corrects Illegal Practice of Denying "Spousal Impoverishment" Income Allowance to Some Spouses of Nursing Home Residents
A community spouse is entitled to the community spouse monthly income allowance (CSMIA) even if she does a spousal refusal to contribute resources. However, since mid-2012, the NYC HRA Medicaid program has violated this longstanding state rule and has denied the community spouse this income...
04 Mar, 2014
item Court Reverses Cuts in Medicaid Coverage for Compression Stockings and Orthopedic Footwear
On December 9, 2013, the Hon. Charles J. Siragusa granted a plaintiff class of Medicaid recipients' motion for summary judgment, ordering a permanent injunction against the State's limits on orthopedic footwear and compression stockings. Davis et al v. Shah (Case number: 12-CV-6134-CJS). Download...
20 Dec, 2013
item MLTC Updates - 2012 - 2013
NYLAG has been publishing a running news article with updates about the roll-out of Managed Long Term care. The most current news is posted here http://www.wnylc.com/health/news/41/. - includes updates since Jan. 1, 2014. Earlier postings from 2013 are in this article More information about...
25 Nov, 2013
item Health Exchange Navigators/In-Person Assistors Announced
The New York State Department of Health has released a map containing all the In-Person Assistors/Navigators for New York State. In-Person Assistors/Navigators will provide in-person enrollment assistance to individuals, families, small businesses and their employees who apply for Health...
10 Jul, 2013

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