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Financial Eligibility
Supplemental Needs Trusts Outline for Advocates - Including Impact on Various Benefits of Transfers of Lump Sums into SNT's UPdated 6/2023 Download
SNT Outline 2023-06.pdf
Training Outline for Advocates on Supplemental Needs Trusts (SNTs) (individual and pooled), and the effect of SNTs on various public benefit programs (updated 6/30/2023). Updated sections include Temporary/Public cash assistance, SNAP, ABLE accounts, Public Housing and Section 8, changes in procedures for submitting pooled trusts in NYC. Also heads up about 2023 increases in Medicaid income and asset limits and update about the 30-month community based lookback).
01 Jul, 2023 1.3 mb Downloads: 215523
Future Expansion of Medicaid Buy-In For Working People with Disabilities (MBI-WPD) coming in 2025 Download
Expansion of MBI-WPD in NYS Budget 2023-24.pdf
The 2023-24 NYS Budget enacted a significant expansion of the MBI-WPD program. Once it is implemented in 2025, the asset limits will go up to $300,000 and the income limits will increase by almost 10 times the current limits for the program. At income levels above the current limits there will be a new premium charged on a sliding scale. This document describes the changes and some concerns for how it ican be implemented in the most favorable way for consumers.
30 Jun, 2023 114 kb Downloads: 982
MAP-909E DAB Renewal Form Redacted (2022-01-04) Download
MAP-909e DAB Renewal (2022-01-04) Redacted Sample with 2023 ACT NOW insert.pdf
HRA Medicaid Renewal Form being sent in 2023 to Disabled, Aged, & Blind (DAB) recipients in the "unwinding" of the Public Health Emergency. Note that the packet contains
(1) a 2-page Renewal Notification letter with the deadline to return the renewal, which is always the 10th of the 2nd month after the notification,
(2) "ACT NOW" alert intended to alert consumers that this renewal MUST be returned, unlike those sent during the Public Health Emergency (MAP-3185 - 2023-01-19),
(3) Renewal form has a new section in Part 6 RESOURCES requiring authorization for HRA to verify resources using data matching (page 6 of the PDF);
(4) Renewal form must be signed by both applicant and spouse (p. 9 of PDF)
(5) Financial Maintenance form - not new - only required if housing costs are more than 70% gross monthly income (p. 10 of PDF);
(6) NEW: Authorization for Verification of Resources - Recipient and Spouse each must sign this and send back with renewal!
(MAP-3179 and 3179a) (pp. 11-13 of PDF)
(7) Renewal instructions (pp. 14-16 of PDF)
31 May, 2023 2.17 mb Downloads: 11816
SSA Emergency Message EM-21014 Exempting Supplemental Hardship Fund Payments to Nazi Victims (2021) Download
EM 21014 SSA.pdf
PolicyNet/Instructions Updates/EM-21014: Supplemental Hardship Fund Payments to Jewish Nazi Victims (ssa.gov) - EM 21014 was released in February 2021 with a retention date of February 2022, meaning it has not been available on the SSA website since that date. Nevertheless, the policy remains in effect. See more about the policy here http://health.wnylc.com/health/entry/65/#Hardship%20March%202021
26 Mar, 2023 380 kb Downloads: 569
HRA MAP 259d Nursing Home Discharge Alert - for Community Budgeting & Related Forms with various forms updated as of 3-24-2023 Download
MAP-259d-e-f-g-t Discharge Alert and Related Nursing Home Forms as of 2023-03-24 (259f -259t+ 648p).pdf
NYC MICSA Medicaid Alerts from 2015 and 2020 with nursing home forms updated as of 3/23/23 including "Discharge Alert" 259d that nursing home physician must sign to certify that resident has a reasonable expectation to return home, which entitles resident to community budgeting (non-chronic care) - so they keep entire community Medicaid allowance rather than only $50/month. Form replaces 1159. PDF includes - Form 259f Notice of Discharge revised 2020 (now includes check-off that resident advised of Special Income Standard for those discharged from NH to MLTC) ; Form 259e (Change/Cancellation of Discharge Plan), 259g (Respite Alert), 259t (updated 5/2020) -- PDF has updated forms as of 3/24/2023 from NYC MARC website.
25 Mar, 2023 3.04 mb Downloads: 74253
MAP-648p Submission of request from RHCF-NH 2022-05-05.pdf
Transmittal form for Nursing Home to submit to HRA: new Medicaid application, request to convert coverage from community Medicaid, upgrade coverage, or notify HRA that transfer penalty period expired. (updated 5/5/2022)
25 Mar, 2023 69 kb Downloads: 10372
2023-01-25 Medicaid Program Modifications COVID-19 Emergency ENDING Download
2023-01-25 COVID-19 Program Modifications.pdf
Medicaid program COVID-19 easements
29 Jan, 2023 82 kb Downloads: 13516
APPENDIX from NYLAG webinar 1/18/23 on Medicaid Increased Income Limits 2023 (Updated 1/27/23) Download
Medicaid NYLAG CLE Appendix final.revised3 UPDATED.pdf
APPENDIX distributed at webinar of Jan. 18, 2023 - UPDATED after webinar with UPDATED HRA Chart of Medicaid Income Levels and UPDATED HRA form MAP-3190 (1/10/23). See further updates of that chart posted at http://health.wnylc.com/health/entry/15/. (Will be updated soon when NYS DOH issues a GIS implemented the 2023 FPL levels. Meanwhile, the 2023 Medicaid levels announced to date were based on the 2022 FPLs.
28 Jan, 2023 3.16 mb Downloads: 2163
12-22-22 HRA Medicaid Alert - Eligibility increases starting Jan. 2023 & REVISED MAP-3190 Form to Request Re-budgeting Download
2022-12-27 Non-MAGI Eligibility Increases 2023- with REVISED map-3190 (1-10-23).pdf
HRA Medicaid Alert announcing the increases in income and asset eligibility for Age 65+, Disabled & Blind recipients starting Jan. 2023. NYLAG has swapped in HRA's iupdated form MAP-3190 form (rev. 1-10-23) that will be mailed to everyone with a spend-down starting Jan. 30, 2023. The form can be completed and returned to HRA to request a decreease in the spend-down. See more at http://www.wnylc.com/health/news/90/#II.%20Timing
28 Jan, 2023 827 kb Downloads: 3900
Training Powerpoint on 2023 Medicaid Increases in NYS Download
PPT NYLAG CLE Medicaid Increases 2023-01.pdf
PowerPoint presented in CLE Webinar on Jan. 18, 2023 by NYLAG Evelyn Frank Legal Resources program on how NYS is rolling out the increases in Medicaid eligibility for the Aged 65+, Blind, & Disabled category (ABD or DAB or NOn-MAGI). Includes how this rollout intersects with "unwinding the Public Health Emergency" starting in March 2023. See updates at http://health.wnylc.com/health/news/90/
25 Jan, 2023 696 kb Downloads: 2367
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